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A Primark kinda town - Warrington is

Nick Tessla

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From the other site - Councillor Hannon in article about the town centre


" Primark is just perfect for town


Something like Primark would be perfect for the town centre and we are hoping with Time Square being developed, we can start to get some major players in the town.” "


Nice to see the heights of Labour's ambitions for the town centre and how it sees its residents :)


While he is contemplating the future of the town centre , perhaps he could persuade his colleagues to be a little less co-operative to retail developments outside the centre. :angry:


(Tried previously to post thsi but my imternet link crashed - if it somehow gets duplicated , I apologise :( )

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Never been to a Primark myself as there's not one near enough so can't be bothered, but I know people who go shopping to Manchester a lot and they always pop in there and say it's pretty good.


Nowt wrong with shops selling cheaper clothing and housewares anyway IMO and like Harry says a lot of people will welcome it.


I'd rather have 20 Primarks than any more pubs, clubs or restaurants that's for sure.


So when's it opening then ?

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It's because of so called "exploitation" that living standards in third world countries are leaping ahead while ours are stagnating. The suicide rate of Apple workers in China has been cited as being an example of the results of this exploitation, but closer examination shows this suicide rate to be a fraction of the suicide rate for the population in general, not just in China but in the USA as well. Statistics, doncha just love em? :wink: :wink:

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If these children weren't being "exploited" they, and their families, would likely starve to death. In the real world their lives are slowly being improved. If you don't agree with the "exploitation" then don't encourage it by buying goods produced in third world countries. Best of luck with that by the way! :wink: :wink:

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asp - just so's I get this right: are you saying that you don't think that children who work long hours, in poor and often dangerous conditions, for pitiful pay, are being exploited?




there is a dilema here..... Yes we would all love kids around the world to be like kids over here.... they go to bed with a full tummy at 9 o'clock and get up at 8 o'clock the next morning for school. On weekends they play with their friends and go shopping with their parents....etc....etc....


However, life in the darkest depths of China and Asia and India is not like that and if people boycott the companys that use these kids as cheap labour, those kids will not get even the pittance they may get now, they will not be able to afford to eat..... and they will die.


So do you take a moral stance and don't buy their products or do you buy them knowing how they were produced, but take some comfort in the fact that at least they may be able to eat now?


Hard choice and one we shouldn't have to make.... but that is about it really

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What Baz said.


Obs, I suppose YOU have some proof of this tale about exploding Indians?


Eventually the people in third world countries will have the same employment conditions and pay that we enjoy in this country, but this won't happen if the growth is stifled by the well meaning but misguided Elf and Safety regulation that we have. :wink: :wink:


Cleo, yes I do watch tv and have witnessed the appalling sweat shop conditions in the Underworld factory :blink: :blink: :blink:

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asp - you're not answering my question (again), so let me try to put it another way:


What kind of conditions would have to exist for a set of circumstances to be regarded as exploitative?


For asp and anyone else out there who might think about it, please don't patronise me with all this "real world" bollox.



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Third world exploited labour is an emotive subject. No real comparison but I wonder how we compare amongst ourselves e.g. how do the 6 figure earners in this country look at people who work extremely hard for £13,000 a year at Mcdonald's or those ladies who fillet fish all day. Even hospital porters and minimum wage earners are being exploited to a degree. It's all relative - and probably unfair. Communism wasn't all bad.


Happy days

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What would YOU do then?


Buy the Clothes.....not buy the clothes


The kids eat........the kids don't eat


It isn't nice for us in our nice warm beds, but we cannot suddenly transform the lives of 2 billion Chinese and Indians overnight....

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