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Bossy Britain


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I don't really get it.


Why do we give them money that they don't want... and why by giving it does that mean they would buy our jets... or is that what we give them the money for and we say they have to use it for that :unsure:


Perhaps I need to read it all again.


If the government would like to give me this years £280 million instead I'll have buy of our jets...and then I will donate it back to OUR Navy or similar.


Like I said I don't really get it but to give our money away in the first place is bad enough considering the mess we are in and what it could be used for here, but to demand that a country continues to take it when they don't want it is bonkers..


...and if it is just to sweeten them into considering buying our jets well that's nothing more than a hopefull (and possibly desperate) backhander from the Government IMO.... and it makes us look pretty pathetic and desperate as a country :roll::oops:

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The official line, as expressed by the Minister for Overseas Development on Question Time; was that, UK funds are specifically targeted at areas of poverty, for humanitarian projects and "nothing to do with the sale of British jets". Quite naturally, questions from the audience centred on the fact that India is currently engaged in a space programme and thus could well afford to look after it's own people. He went on to say that " overseas aid, only amounts to 1% of total Gov spending", but neglected to say that it was the only budgetry area that had been ring fenced against the current round of austerity cuts. Needless to say, a position backed up by the other main parties. :roll:

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