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Don't think of them as bonuses. In these days where it's virtually impossible to sack someone for under performing, think of them as part of the salary - which is only paid if the employee perform satisfactorily.


I don't think most people have a problem with bonuses as a concept, or even with some of the numbers being bandied around - if someone makes or saves their company tens of millions of pounds, why shouldn't they be rewarded with a decent percentage of that?


The problem is often with the initial setting of the criteria to be satisfied in order to trigger the payments, and that can lead to a perception of people receiving bonuses for "failing".

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Not sure that a Gov subsidised Network Rail can be classed as a "success" yet, as I'm sure the fare paying public would say. The DoT has the right of representation on the remuneration Board AND a major shareholder's vote - alas, the Gov has chosen NOT to use either sanction todate. :wink:

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