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Seagull in the PC?


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Had a call the other day from one our our taxi companies saying their dispatching machine was making an really awful racket. We listened carefully but couldn’t identify the sound so told them to try restating it. After a while, they rang back and said it had fixed the problem for five minutes but its back again now and comming coming from one of the booking terminals.


Fearing the worst I spent an hour driving through all the rush hour traffic to get to Oldham only to find the sound was coming from a Jiffy bag containing Blackberry phone handed in the night before. Its alarm had been set to go off at 8am and was blasting out the sound of a ship’s foghorn!


Suppose I should have guessed this when they said they thought they could hear something that sounded like seagulls in the background. :lol:


Bill :)

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