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43 years ago today


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I actually rather enjoyed that :shock::unsure::D


Why were they on a roof though and even weirder, why were all the other people on roofs (rooves?) too or were they just extras on the video?


Shame McCartney and his bushy beard didn't jump though :lol:


Tin hat quickly someone please

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Gosh.. so they last did a public concert when I was 5 years old :unsure:


I thought they had carried on longer than that although I do remember one of my class mates at secondary being distraught one day (and I rather unsympathetically said "god what's up with you today mizzo you'd think someone had died".


Opps he just broke down in tears infront of me in a long and echoing corridor and screamed out that John Lennon had been shot and then fell into my arms like a limp cabbage that had been overboiled. :oops:


I couldn't quite understand why a 16 year old lad thought his whole world had suddenly ended just because some 'pop stars' had died but I comforted him all the same whilst thinkig 'errm can someone please help me here' :oops:


No-one did of course.


It's one of those moments that's sort of etched into my memory though, not becasue Lennon was shot, but because of the effect it had on this one lad at school. He never ever asked me to karate chop his pencils or pens either after that day. Very sad and I wonder if he every really recovered :blink::lol::oops:

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They are defining moments in your life aren't they? Seeing things like this on TV, Lennon being shot, Mark Bolan wrapping his mini round a tree, Freddie Mercury dying. They stick in the mind. Aren't I morbid???? :blink: :blink: :blink:



There are always those "where we're you" moments. A big event in history and you always remember exactly where you were and what you were doing at the time. No matter how long ago it was.

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