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Indoor Classic Car Show


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The 2nd annual indoor Classic Car show at "Event City" (Which is the old Gallagher Bonded Warehouse)off Barton Dock Road behind the Trafford Centre takes place over the weekend of Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March


Come along and look at the motors (My Corsair XRO 663F will be there) and then go do some shopping..... Loads of free parking and no traffic wardens there to give you a sneaky ticket. There is also the huge Lego place right next door to the show so the kids will love it too.....

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Or £3 less if you kept their leaflet given out a Tatton :P


I'll be there I think but as I dont know what a corsair is then chances are i might miss that one


Or free if you are showing a car!!


Adrian, this is my Corsair....


from this...




to this....



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:(:( Free parking it might be but it would cost us £30 to get in. OUCH :shock:


Ahh well, I'll have to mark that of my calendar too now then. Can you take some photo's Baz and upload them for me (or maybe we could sneak in by hiding in your boot) :D<_<

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