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Getting Away With Murder


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A man, Christopher Murphy, was attacked outside a takeaway and died as a result of the injuries he received.

The CPS has told the police there is no prospect of obtaining a conviction on the evidence presented.

The police have dropped the investigation into the death. Can this be right? A man was killed and someone was responsible. shouldn't the police continue to investigate till they have found that someone?

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No it doesn't and neither does it say it will lie open. It merely says that on advice from the CPS the police have ended their investigation into the murder. It also says... Following a full and thorough investigation into the death of Christopher Murphy, a file of evidence was submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service who made the decision that no further action would be taken.

Even if the case lies open, it is not being investigated so nobody will be brought to justice unless someone confesses 'I did it', and what are the chances of that happening? Pracrically zero!

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Unfortunately this will turn into so many other murder cases in the joke country we live in.


The family will now campaign endlessly until justice is done. (rightly so) And it will only come to light when/if someone comes forward with fresh evidence.


Cases like this further my belief that more CCTV cameras should be installed. I know people say it is an invasion of privacy but I feel that would be a small price to pay if it brought murderers to justice.

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I have to say that, if cctv images are as poor as those recently published regarding criminal acts, they might as well not be there. In my job, I am under observation by cctv for the great majority of my working hours (not in bathrooms, before anyone asks). Rather than seeing this as an infringement, I see it as protecting me, as I will have clear evidence should someone try to falsely accuse me of something. I look at the increasing use of "security cameras" as being mostly a positive thing, only negative for those who have something to hide.

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