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Not wanting to tempt fate but....


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My one and only goldfish became deceased a few weeks back after a heron got at it. It was a rescue goldfish from an extremely small water feature that I took pity on and so put he ended up in my pond.


That was about six years ago and back then, it was about the size that you’d get from the fair. When he finally snuffed it, he was at least a foot long, a good six inches deep and probably well over a couple of pounds in weight. Proof if it’s needed of the theory that a goldfish will grow proportionally to the size of the container it’s kept in.


Bill :)

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So from your answers I guess 14 years is pretty good going then :shock::unsure: Sorry I didn't mean that I had only just got one.


My question was just to do with my dilemma...


Do I just stop being mean and buy him/her a new tank (OUCH !!) seeing as though his/hers is looking a bit worse for wear and I accidentally broke the corner of it (not to mention that for years I've wanted to throw the sideboard away that the tank stands on but can't as there's nowhere else to put a fish tank)


.... or should I just hold out for a little longer and save my money and put up with my sidebaord as Tom (who I suppose could be a Tina) could be nearing last legs or rather fins ?


PS Fugs... your comment that "If you want it to last it will need a tank with an air supply and someone to clean the tank regularly" is not necessarily correct when it comes to some goldfish it seems :wink::oops:

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Tom!? Tom!? What kind of a name is that to give to a goldfish? :unsure::lol:


My son named him and he was only 4 when he won his two little fishes at the fair. He called the other one Jerry. Now prize for guessing what his favourise tv cartoon was at the time :lol::P:wink:

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