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Primary Schools of the 1920's


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Hi all....


Sadly my mum passed away last week and whilst chatting over her life events with the vicar of St Barnabas, it suddenly occured to me that I didn't know which primary school she attended. She lived in Bewsey all of her life starting out in Catherine Street off Bewsey Road.


Seeing as Bewsey Primary School wasn't built until the mid 1930's what other school might she have attended?


Heathside near Kendrick street or what others are there?



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Baz, I'm so very sorry to hear about your mum and my thoughts are with you all x


My other half's mum grew up in Bewsey too and she was born in 1928 but she went to Bewsey Primary. Her parents and other members of her family also grew up in Bewsey too so I will ring her tomorrow and ask if she remembers any other local schools which maybe her parents or other relatives may have gone to.


Sorry as I realise that my post is not much help to you so far :oops:

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My cousin, (from next door Hoyle street) went to Bewsey school in 1935, just built cos of the housing estate. His father almost certainly went to Heathside (C of E). St Barnabas and Evelyn street would be other possibilities. St Ann's in Dannet street, (Walkers brewery) is just feasible.


In view of the library vault thread, details could possibly be hidden somewhere deep down in the archives.


Very best wishes to you Baz at this trying time.


Happy days

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Baz, I have been trying to look at the 'old maps' website as that shows various town maps and others covering different periods of time but it it running really slowly tonight for me.


If you have a good internet connection they have a look as the 1910 map did show the Bluocoat School near Winwick Rd/Orford Rec Ground being in existence at the time, and also another school on the corner of Watkin Street/Orford Road.


The 1928 map also shows a school off Bewsey Road so that seemed to imply that there was a school (of some sort) along there before the Bewsey School you mention which was build in the mid 30's.


I struggled to view them completely though as they kept freezing on me, sorry.


All were shown to be near to Catherine Street but it may be that is not quite the case as I finished up not knowing where on earth I was looking with the delays, freezes and refresh rates. Damn internet !!


Like Harry says the library may know and if you do have an incling of the school your mum may have attended then Chester Archives are worth asking too as they do hold pupil admission details and other info for some of the older schools in the area.


Also worth considering that not all kids went to school or started when they should have and even moreso (also like Harry again says) some travelled a little further afield to school than the whimps of today would do on foot :wink:

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Baz, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother, only time will heal.


I have searched through and the only information that I have come up with is from Slaters 1895 Directory, one in Heathside that Harry has mentioned.


British (Wycliffe) (mixed), Bewsey street, (next to the Weslyan Chapel) for 600 children;

average attendance, 528; Alfred Corney, Master; Miss Annie

Porritt, infants' mistress


St. Paul's (boys), Heath side, built in 1853, for 750 children;

average attendance, 405; David William Finney" master;


Rolleston street (girls) & Kendrick street (infants), for 320 girls

& 250 infants; average attendance, girls 226, infants 170; Miss

E. Finney, mistress; Miss Emily Smethurst, infants' mistress


St. Alban's Catholic (boys, girls & infant-s), 23 King street, built

in 1863, for 520 children; average attendance, boys 125, girls 196

& infants 98; David Morris, master; Miss Emily Jones, mist.;

Miss Mary Ann Grealey, infants' mistress.

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