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Minor Premiership winners my backside


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It just goes to show just how much Sky TV own the game in these modern times. In a Sydney newspaper we've been described as minor premiership winners last season. Only in Superleague can a club finish top of the pile and be described in such a demeaning manner. I'm starting to become even more disillusioned with the game when it becomes all to obvious that we the supporters who go through the gate every week don't matter very much and the game is being run for the benefit of Sky TV. Not only in RL are the traditions being forgotten but also in football when an ancient competition such as the FA Cup is almost now totally ignored by the senior clubs. This could be my last season as a season ticket holder such is the feeling of alienation from the great game. Sometimes I sincerely wish we were back at the hovel which was Wilderspool. At least there was some joy and humour in the sport back then.

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I love Rugby League and I love Warrington RLFC.


I do however have a bad taste in my mouth for the RFL. On far too many occasions now they have turned our game into a laughing stock. This season proved it. I have nothing against Leeds, they played the game well and played when they needed to but finishing 5th and taking the title is a pi@@ take. It completely takes away the hard work the top 4 teams put in all year round.


It will give teams this year the attitude of "it's ok guys, drop this game. It's the playoffs that count." and who could blame them?


I was a season ticket holder for 21 years but I have not secured one for next year as the club have messed me around for the last time. A shame. (for me) not the club as already reported today season ticket sales are up.


I will be relying on Sky for my games now and I do not doubt they have a big influence on our game but I have to admit, there coverage is good. (even though all other sports take priority and Rugby League constantly gets changes to kick off times) but who else will do it? The BBC? There coverage of the challenge cup is embarrassing. Sky have also put a lot of money in the game, directly and indirectly which has led to new stadiums and bigger crowds. Just a shame I'm not in that crowd any more. :(

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To be honest i wonder about Sky's intentions for RL considering the main sporting advertising on Sky rarely mentions our great game & the number of times match times are changed to accommodate other sport.Only the other day sky were advertising 10 live games in a weekend covering a RU Cup competition ...they seem to be cosier than ever with RU.

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