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MSC 4 Photos


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Looking from Chester road swing bridge to basin of Walton lock, Greenall's Brewery Chimney can just be made out centre picture with a wooden temporary access bridge connecting the Greenall's avenue area with what would become Ellesmere Road.



Arpley,the River Mersey deviation viewed from the river bank near what would become the junction of Gainsborough road (the road did not exist at this time)and Chester road looking towards the Twelve Arches in the distance.



22ndApril 1893. Looking up stream at Acton Grange showing the abandoned railway prior to the new embankment and bridge being built. Note the large navvies village at the side of the temporary railway built to enable railway traffic to continue running while the new line is created. Chester road swing bridge can just be made out in the distance




Acton Grange new bridge almost completed, the canal excavation may now continue beneath the bridge.



Another view of the bridge, signal box and embankment.



The completed Acton grange railway bridge.


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Blummin' brilliant Algy... that fist one is definately my favourite :wink::D:D


I'm still trying to get my bearings on the second one though :oops::oops:


Travelling along Chester road go over the swing bridge past Taylor street over the old river bridge and stop by Furnace Rigby's car sales then look across the River, that is the spot where the photo was taken from, I think there is a golf driving range on the other side more or less where the building is in the photo.

I have cropped and enlarged a section of that photo, below.


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