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A Muse pessimist poem.

harry hayes

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We were born with blood B negative,

Pessimists people say;

Feeling low without good reason,

Yet knowing a better way.


Because we're not quite happy,

We make do with second best;

Dwelling on the negatives,

And not where we are blessed.


The big worry is tomorrow,

And the today which is not yet cast;

But content with all our yesterdays -

Even God can't change the past.


Despite all, there are many smiles,

Positive thoughts when times are ripe;

But slightest dark on any cloud,

And it's swiftly back to type.


Few monuments to pessimists,

Weigh risk against a gain;

Light at the end of a tunnel -

May well be a runaway train.


Pessimists err many thousand times,

Re 'things can only get worse';

One day they'll be proven right,

Last laugh inside a hearse?


When that final dawn arrives,

And to paradise it's said;

We fear the devil will grab us,

Before God finds out we're dead.



HH 1/2012

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