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Firearns licencing?


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They were supposed to have tightened up on gun licencing some time ago but no amount of tightening is going to work. If someone wants a gun for whatever purpose then that someone is going to get one and to hell with any licence. Ban guns completely and anyone found in possession of one goes to jail. :unsure:

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Unfortunately, the only people who obey gun laws are the upright citizens, which makes them redundant. If any criminal wanted to raise hell with a gun, he/she could buy one in any city in a couple of hours. You could say that it can also embolden criminals when they know that there is no chance of them being confronted by an armed victim, but with the weird police response to self defense in the UK, that too is probably redundant.

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There is almost no argument for tightening up on Firearms licences as relating to revolvers and the like. If anything the regulation is overtight.


Shot-gun licensing is a slightly different kettle of fish.(no-tear paper if you haven't seen one) I was responsible for issuing all shot-gun licenses in Warrington when the act came in. The law was quite easy to apply. The difficulty was with the bumpff that came with it from the Home Office. An awful lot of it.


Basically it said the police should be wary of whom they licence but they should bear in mind that the applicant has the right of appeal and it would be difficult to justify any refusal.. Typical Home Office covering their backs.


From what I read of this latest case ( he once threatened to commit suicide) One way or another he would have kept his licence, unless there were other factors.


There is a possible argument there that the law should be tightened but there are loads and loads of certificate holders who behave properly and it may be unfair to clamp down further. Offences are quite isolated, but there have been a couple of late. But human nature is such there would be more danger from unlicensed shot- gun users if it came to a big clamp-down.


Happy days

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