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Can honestly say that I did not wake to a hangover. Maybe because I have had a mild dose of flu/heavy cold so did not have more than one very small glass of the dark grouse before retiring to bed. Do feel a bit rough this morning though as the sore throat stage is just kicking in.


Still will probably feel better than the two lads I saw staggering down the road at half seven whilst I was taking the dog for his walk.


Oh and a happy new year to all :mrgreen:

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Yesterday I got the flu, went for some Lemsips and ended up bending the car, then last night, just to cap it all off, my front tooth fell out. What a way to end a year, I just hope it’s not an omen for the year to come.


Anyhow, I do hope everyone here has a really good 2012.


Bill :)

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Happy New Year everyone x x


Sorry Bill I really shouldn't be laughing should I :oops::lol: But hey things can only start to get better eh :wink: I broke my car too yesterday but not to worry as that was last year :wink:


No raised hands from me for the hangover (despite going out at 7.30pm and only getting in at 3am). I'm fully of life and energy, have a clear head but it has just occurred to me that perhaps I'm still tiddled and my hangover may appear later :unsure::lol:


More beer Grommett ??

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