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Where does your team come in the list of NETT transfer fees?


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This site shows how much premier league clubs have spent in real terms (money paid less money gained) for players since 1992.... some may be surprised and will no doubt offer alternative views.... but I found it interesting even if I have little or no interest in football!!


Premier League Club NETT Spends on Players

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Don't think anyone needed to see the actual figures to realise that. Doesn't matter anyway, you can only win in England, or indeed any league now by spending more than the rest. That's how knackered football is now.


If that was the case fats, then in season 07/08 Sunderland should have won the Premiership.

In 08/09 it should have been City

09/10 City

10/11 City

You could be right this season though. :wink:

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