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Ive had an Acer, a Dell, a Packard Bell and a Samsung (the one I use now). The Acer was fine, the Dell lived up to its acronym (doesn't ever last long :D ), the PB lasted 2 weeks before it packed in. I have to use a laptop because trying to lug a desktop from ship to ship would be a bit of an effort :wink: :wink: :wink:

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I'm not a great fan of laptops but I need to have something portable when I'm away. I could probably manage with my Blackberry for short replies to emails and such but it is a pain to use on anything else. I have an Acer laptop and it really seems to be quite alright.


Like all laptops it is totally useless for running AutoCAD but at least it has a separate number pad and it is relatively quick in performance terms.


On balance I would say - If you really have to buy a laptop then Acer is rather good, however, if you don't need to have the mobility then stay with a good desk top instead.

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