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The Iron Lady


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I knew it was a joke Asp, well I thought it was but you told it wrong :roll: :roll: :roll: Or perhaps thats why you didn't put it in the JOKE section. :mrgreen:


Anyway I believe the makers of this movie considered waiting until Thatcher died before making it, just to ensure a happy ending. :wink: :wink:

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surely it should be miners Asp


Let's see:


No capital letter for the start of a sentence.


No comma preceding a proper noun.


Use of a capital when the subject clearly prefers to use the lower case.


I reckon this poster is either:


one of those chirpy winder upperers who never gets wound up about anything, oh no. (LOL!)




Thick as .... not very bright when it comes to pedantry.


Oh, forgot this:



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Looking back up I see I was obviously wrong and apologise to Asp for amending his wonderfully funny and gramatically correct joke. I never realised I was missing plays on words until Fatshaft and Fugtifino posted. You see, I always assumed their forum names were word plays when in fact they are clearly literal descriptions of themselves. If I can be wrong there then why not with the OP :D :grin: :wink:

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