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Thanks Algy

Rex Mac

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I watched the clip in the 'll Silencio' thread and it reminded me to take a look at a young Korean lad by the name of Sunga Jung.


He has been posting clips of his playing since he was about 5 years old. He plays music of all genres. This clip is one of his own compositions.



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How I wish you hadn't posted that Rex.


Anyway... I must get back to youtube to watch even more of him.


Have you seen him now he is a little bit older. Bloody Hell he's making my fingers ache just watching him. You are right about him playing all genres too I started off watching his Bon Jovi clip and have been through so many now I wonder if there is anything the lad can't do. How I wish I was as talented as the girl and this lad. Blummin' kids eh :roll::wink::D


And Adam if you are reading... DON'T YOU DARE !!! :lol::P

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He wanted lessons :shock::shock: Good grief if that was done without any lessons I wonder how much more he expected to learn.


PS Cleo... How I wish !! I'd love him to teach me but I doubt my aging fingers would ever keep up with him. I can't even keep up with my lad anymore and even when I do I've forgotten most of it by the next day :blink::lol:


Smart a**e kids :lol:

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