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Purple Plaques


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Bloke who used to be married to Billie Piper wasn't he? :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:



lol We know who he is really. The ginger clown who is known as a presenter and Radio 2 dj.

Yes he was married to Billy Piper but she woke up and came to her senses. Now he is married to Natasha. They are expecting their second child plus he has one with an ex relationship.

Oh Happy Day! :blink::blink::blink:

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Stockton Heath has just been awarded a purple flag for apparently being a "safe places to enjoy a night out". :unsure:


Infact while I was typing I googled to see what a purple flag was and the site says


"Purple Flag has been designed as an objective assessment that will help you improve your town or city centre at night. Most significantly it is designed to provide recognition that your centre is managing its night time experience and thus help overcome any negative public perceptions that may exist."


SO...... Why is his gingernuts house getting a purple flag. Does he have a lot of parties and visitors or something :lol:

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Purple plaques are presented to houses where so called "celebreties" have lived.

Something like the blue plaques indicating where historic notables lived.

It's not the ginger tosspot that's getting the plaque Dizzy but the house where he lived and dreamed of fame when he was just a little clown.

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I think you are all being a bit harsh on Mr Evans.... He has a talent to entertain and that is what he does and does it pretty well when you look at his past.....


Big Breakfast, Radio one and Two, owned his own media company etc. etc..... and if I remember rightly he started off way down at the bottom doing tarzan-o-grams around town in his youth???


Now if you really want to discuss a talentless Warringtonian; look no further than Kerry Katona....talentless is too flattering a phrase to be honest!!

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I have nothing against the chap and like Harry says well done to anyone who gets anywhere these days but I just looked on the zoopla website which shows all the blue plaques. When I say 'all' there aren't many really.


Am I right in thinking that it is just some sort of property market website with a gimmick and a twist to gain marketing hits ? Only asking as when you click on the award all it tells you the current market value, how much it was last sold for and market trends. It doesn't actually tell you anything about the person who the award is in reference to. Ok so I guess it is just a gimmic and if you know of anyone 'famous' who lived at your address you can just apply.


For example


Susan Boyle's old house at 37 Yule Terrace, Blackburn, Bathgate EH47 7HP

has a 'Susan Boyle Lived Here' blue plaque apparently it sold on the 14th July 2010 for £35,600.


It is a 3 bed freehold house and now has an estimated current value of £34,886. There are 65 houses and flats on this terrace with a average current value of £68,562, compared to an an average property value of £119,172 for the main area postcode. There have been 3 property sales on Yule Terrace over the last 5 years with an average house price paid of £68,866 and this house was last sold on 14. There are currently 126 properties to buy in EH47 with an average asking price of £155,998 and 39 houses and flats to rent in EH47 with an average asking rent of £787 pw.


A house where Elton John lived last sold for £239,500 in Apr 2000. I guess he must have lived there a long time ago considering his current wealth.


A house in London where David Beckham once lived sold in 2009 for £215,000. Quite cheap for London eh so again he must have lived there a long time ago.


In contrast the house with the award 'David Cameron Lived Here 1995 - 2006' sold for £1,150,000 on 11th May 2006. Like it says he lived there from 1995 until the the date of the sale. Kerching !! I suspect the current owners may not display their current plaque though eh ? :lol::wink:


Whoopie Doo...... and in all honest who cares :roll::lol:


I of course only looked for forum research purposes :oops::lol:

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For goosness sake Peter Cleo mentioned it days ago .... KEEP UP !!!:P


Google it as I'm not posting the direct link as that would be advertising a house sales company which is against forum rules!!


I shall also edit my other posts soon although Zooplarsoles still seems to find them :oops::lol:

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