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Encouraging cycling to school - counterproductive?

Nick Tessla

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Here's one for the lycra clad parade


When schools encourage kids to cycle to school (providing bike shelters. having cycle lessons etc.) does it encourage those who would be driven in to cycle instead or just those who would would walk in anyway?



I know a number of parents whose kids sometimes cycle to school, but they usually walk in rather than being driven. Surely, walking is better exercise and probably safer.


Anybody know if any research has been done on this?

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Amateur cyclists (as distinct from the lycra brigade), use the pavement and road to suit, disregarding traffic lights etc. I've seen pedestrians walk into the road, in the belief that cars (who have the right of way) will stop. So it's no surprise that fatalities still occur, and folk (and kids) retreat to the relative safety of a vehicle for the purpose of travel. :unsure:

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Well, danger is present in any which way. I think that you just have to be careful with what you have to do so you avoid such incidents. I think that more than anything, it provides awareness for the students that even in a small way, they can help with the environment. With that awareness, it can translate to something greater, actually.

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