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Where in Warrington quiz 3


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1. Golden Sqaure.. (old fish market bit)... steps which used to lead upto the where the camera shop used to be but which now is a cafe, coffee shop or something as boring?


3. Skate Park at Victoria Park


6. Fountain outisde the 'Contact Warrington' (Council) Office. (Horsemarket Street ?)


7. Garnett's Cabinet Works (Cairo Street?) which they want to demolish. I think it's Cairo Street anyway but it's down the road from TJ Hughes that's just closed


8. A nice clock somewhere.


10. The Pyramid Centre.


And finally (although no photo shown) 'Dizzy' who is now going to bed as she's in a bad mood... although that has nothing to do with your lovely photo's PJ.


Hey at least I'm not in a really bad like I was a few minutes ago. Thanks for chillin' me out even if I didn't get any of them right :lol::lol:

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Flippin' heck are you saying I got all my others right :shock:


If so PJ at least give me number 8 too for my cheekiness.


I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment and that might just capapult me out into my Happy Gilmore Place <_< Failing that I will just read my lads notes and try to rewire my mains and get it over with :lol:


On your head be it... or on his for telling me I was thick not understanding it all :blink:


Nuber 5 is now clearly a platform at the station going to Manchester then. Can someone tell me exactly which platform and where so I can get on it... one way ticket of course :lol:

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Go the other way Dizzy, a far nicer City :wink:


So not Cleo's answer of the platform to Liverpool, not mine of Manchester.... so how about what ever platform goes to Chester :oops: as that's a city :D


Last time I tried to go somewhere on a train I was at the wrong station and as such on the wrong platform too :lol:


Think I'll leave that to someone else. Night all :D

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Its not sorry Dizzy, if I recall correctly when I took picture 2 there was a strong smell of wee. Not much of a clue though :)


Lookng up from inside the closed down toilets in Stockton Heath ??


Probably not though as considering the amount of time they have been closed for all the wee smells will have gone by now. It does have a strange thing on the roof though <_<

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