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Hilden Square


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I'd never ever heard of Hilden Square and thought it must be over near Padgate and Hilden Island somewhere. :oops:


Thanks Wolfie and Cleo as I did wonder where on earth they would have their entertainment there :oops::lol:


I might just go busking now, I'll go to the island where no one will hear me cos of the traffic and I'll send my lad to the real place as he would make loads of money :wink::D


One second thoughts if we switched places I'd get paid a fortune to STOP !!


It does seem that there's some good stuff lined up for Warrington Town Centre during the Christmas persiod though and it's nice to see an big effort being made all round :D

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It was the last remaining part of Golborne Street and renamed Hilden Square to comemeorate 40 years since the twinning of Warrington with Hilden in Germany.



Does this twinning actually do anything apart from a freebie holiday every other year for some of our cllrs old and new? :shock:

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Yes it also gives Rod King something to mention and base his support of the 20mph roll out on. Well according to his long statement in the WG last week anyway..... "In Hilden this... in Hilden that"... move to Hilden then !! :oops:


I'd just love to see him cycle there..... the long way round :D

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