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Thefts from Poppy Collection Boxes


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I see some total scum has been stealing money from poppy collection boxes around the area...


How anyone can be so sick is beyond me and really goes to show the depths we have sunk to as a society.


If they catch this person, he should be jailed for a minimum of life and once a week get a visit from a bunch of soldiers from a different regiment each time.... starting with the SAS


We need a picture too because as usual, plod tell us they have cctv footage and yet don't release anything other than a discription that would cover 95% of all blokes in Warrington!

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He's not sick, he's a product of the do-gooders who advocated relaxation of parental control - the let the children express themselves brigade and the lazy, stupid parents who were only too willing to listen to them and relinquish their parental responsibilities if it gave them a quieter life. They gave their kids everything they stamped their little feet for with the lame excuse I want them to have everything I couldn't have, even though it meant them going into debt.

Result - an out of control generation who think they can have and take anything they want even if it belongs to someone else, no matter who the someone else is- they want it they can take it! :angry:

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I completely agree with you Baz.


The 'alleged' persons cctv mugshot was shown on the itv / bbc news last night again so maybe with local press showing it too the despicable low life will be caught.


I'm appalled that someone can stoop so low as to steal anything but to steal poppy collection boxes is the lowest of the low and when they catch the scumbag he should be named, shamed and then paraded through the streets of Warrington, Frodsham and elsewhere so everyone can show the level of respect they feel towards him !!


He should also be forced to see what the money he has taken goes towards and who benefits from it.


Maybe he should also be forced to meet all those those who work tirelessly to raise money and those who give..... and all those who have fought for the likes of him, lost loved ones for the likes of him, been wounded for the likes of him or who are still putting their lives at risk for the likes of him AND EXPLAIN WHY HE FELT HIS DESERVED IT MORE AND WHY HE THINK HIS NEEDS WERE SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN THEIRS !!

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Apparently this thing was jailed for 10 months in July, convicted of stealing 2 charity boxes amongst other theft offences. So, the question must be asked why was it back on the streets only 4 months later. Had it still been behind bars the poppy appeal boxes and St Rocco's box (may) not have been stolen.

It has a record of 28 convictions for 116 offences. If it committed 116 offences why has it not had 116 convictions? The law is the law is an ass! :angry:

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