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I've tried the crispy stuff from the chinese and it is delicious but apparently that's not really seaweed at all but simply fried cabbage or similar.


I don't think I'd like to eat the stinky seaweed that washes up on the uk beaches even if it is really full of vitamins, minerals, cotton buds with the gooddness of ear wax and the likes :blink:smiley-sick006.gif

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Seaweed is traditionally big here in Ireland; they sell it sometimes at farmers markets. Too costly for me, and yes, well known for being fine for gardens. It has to be the stuff from below the tide levels to be of use. Will be gathering some soon..


Off parts of the Scottish coast whole families used to gather one kind they called "tangles"; it was used in the pharmeceutical industry fore eg Gaviscon... Sadly they found the Japanese could do it more cheaply and another ancient tradition died..

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