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Hang about obs, would any one with common sense

Spend ?15000 on a car

?300 to insure it

?160 to tax it

watch it depreciate in value by ?2000+ per year

pay ?1.05 for a litre of petrol to get where he wants to go,

sit for hours in traffic jams

only to find nowhere to park when he gets there.




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but the only real cost of the car is not the 15k, but the 2k depreciation as you recoup the rest on a sale, the ?360 tax and insurance plus the cost of running it, lets say ?20 a week adds another ?1k a year.


so just short of ?3,360 per year or ?64 a week, for a new car for a year incl all costs.


?9.23 a day


now calculate the costs of public transport


(driver working in manchester for example based on him spending ?20 a week in an mid sized car on petrol 1.6l as used above) would at least involve 2 bus and 1 train journeys.


bus each way ?1.30=?2.60

train (virgin rail prices pre9am-post5pm cheap day return) ?7.10


total=?9.70 via public transport

total=?9.23 by you own ?15,000 car.


time by car 1 hour warrington to manchester city center in average rushour traffic.

public transport 46m train, 34 minutes bus, plus 10 minutes waiting+ 5 minutes to walk between bus station and train= 1h40m


each way and lets face it time is more important than money for most people.

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Public transport is an area that successive governments have failed to get to grips with. Cheap and plentiful buses would make a lot of difference, and when I say plentiful I mean a service that doesn't suddenly disappear at 5:30 in the afternoon! It's no wonder Warrington town centre is a ghost town by 6pm (apart from the pubs that is!) Instead of using our money to bail out private banks the government should be improving this area. :wink::wink:

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Originally posted by Eddie:

You forgot the fact that when you sell it you will need to buy another. :roll:

maybe not, but its an ongoing expense if you do with similar figures to above on a yearly basis..as is the ongoing costs of public transport if your need to continue using that is...its not rocket sience :roll:
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