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7 Billion


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Today the World will reach a population of 7 Billion. A new high.


Should we be celebrating this milestone or should we be concerned?


I personally am concerned. The world isn't getting any bigger and the mass migration to the western world will push the west to its limits.


What is the answer? Better birth control and education in the developing countries must help. But that education didn't work with some in this country.


China has strict birth control. Is that the answer?


Penny for your thoughts. :P

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It's not just about population; it's also about consumption. It's estimated that a child born into the developed world will consume six times the resources of a third world child. There's also the expansion of a middle class in places like China and India, which will increase competition for food (such as meat), banging up prices in the West. And finally, folk are living longer. Not sure persuasion will work, and war and pestilence havn't impacted todate - however, as resources become scarcer that may change. :shock:

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