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Wilderspool causeway tonight = police, riot van and ambulance


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Anyone got any idea what is/was going on tonight as I'm told that there is a police riot van, police cars and an amublance on Wilderspool Causeway near the newish flats and the pub. :huh::shock:


Hope it's nothing bad.


Edit....Maybe they were just parked up there though watiting to go into Town later.... just incase :unsure:

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:P:lol: My dog was only let out into the back garden ... although she walked out then ran in again as she heard a distant firework and is still not happy and wont leave my side and seems to feel safe as long as she is sat on my foot (that is annoying) or under the stool. I wonder how long she can hold on for though and I hope she's not sat on my foot when nature gives way :shock:


Anyway my other two are back now so I can stop worrying about whatever it was I suppose :unsure:

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