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Wheres this pub?'


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Arrrgh ... I take that back but it made me think... how about Ferry Tavern over Penketh way :D


On the bend and banks of the Mersey where you can watch the tidal bore from and see canoeists rescued a bit further down :blink:

You got it Dizz!, the Ferry Tavern at Fiddlers Ferry. :D

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I got it, I got it!! I don't got it, sheesh. I guess if it's not the Hop Pole exactly as it looked in 1959, I've got no chance. Although I don't think that I ever looked at the building as I careened towards the snug.

An aside, how derelict and interesting do all of these old buildings look? However, my aunt and three cousins lived in a council owned house on Ernest Street in the fifties and that was just as decrepit as the houses that Algy shows. Two up and two down, dog poop misery. Love you Cleo, but some things are better gone - keep the horses though.

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