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Still in Town!.


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:shock::shock: Algy... I'm so sorry it was just a wild guess based on what I thought the building may have been and I've never seen that picture before. Never thought for one minute it would all be right. :oops:


So.....seeing as though you had only put it on 9 minutes before I guessed the lot I unapproved my own post. It's still there but only me Gary and Peter can see it.


Peter.. you are not allowed to join in on this one nor is anyone who read mine in the past five minutes before I 'hid' it.


Right everyone else .....


Off you go but just remember who got it first :lol:

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On Church street. Some kind of Victorian fair that was stopped because of drunkeness. The old workhouse is the 3 storey building. Don't know the white building.


Any points for that Algy???? :P

Two out of three wireboy, just need the pub name and that should not be too hard.

Dizz, you should have left your post on you got it fair & square in my books, the problem is that as we go on I'm bound to put easier ones on, I have a lot out of town such as Penketh, Sankey, Lymm etc. and the outlying areas the trouble then is most folk newer to the area won't have a clue. :blink:

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I'll put visible again once Wireboy gets the white building :lol:


You are certainly keeping us entertained Algy :D


Know what you mean about other areas. I wouldn't have a clue about most of Sankey and Penketh but other more local posters might who live round there and don't join in with these. It could bring them out of the woodwork and it would be nice to see some old pics from there too :wink::D

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