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Where's this lovely Rural Scene.


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Church in the backgound St Thomas's Stockton heath and Canterlever bridge to the right of the photo..Taken from Grappenhall Lane maybe ! cheers art.

Hi! art, bye gum your close, yes it is the cantilever in the background though not St Thomas's church and not taken from Grappenhall lane, your close but not close enough!. :wink:

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Yes... and I repled :lol: Stop trying to rub it in cos he may notice :P

Really appreciate you being honest and not spoiling it for the others Dizz. :wink:

Cleo, arty was very close, think about the height that the photo was taken from, Oh! and the little cottage on the right is still there, the one the left isn't. :wink:

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Peter's got it, the photo was taken from the Bridgewater canal bank looking down on to Grappenhall Road (left)and Chester Road (right)with the junction of Lumb Brook The sign post is at the junction. The church in the distance is Christ Church, Latchford.

Below is another view taken from Chester Road and looking towards Stockton Heath with Lumb Brook Road to the left.


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When was it taken Algy? Slightly different today. The coal merchant was Cartrights and he used to deliver when I lived up by Lilypits.

The rural rustic scene is sadly, no longer with us. :(

Peter, The Latchford high level cantilever bridge was built 1896/97 so that dates it no earlier and the style of clothing the ladies are dressed in, to me appears to be pre WWI so at a guess 1910?. Another clue that no one picked up on is that Ackers pit can be seen through the trees. In the second photo the large house on the left is still there.

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