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What was this building called?


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Odd as it was here twice when I posted that ie two new topics. same title, same pic. Gary must have deleted the other one or I was seeing double :unsure:


Is it the workhouse and those are all the little kiddies whos families lived there <_<


No Diz not the workhouse although they are poor children.

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Bold Street Methodists Sunday School building ?


I don't know if they actually had a seperate Sunday School building and it's just a wild guess but I know the methodists Church around here had a seperate one... clutching at straws :lol: :oops:

No, Wrong straws Dizz.

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AAARGH :blink::lol:


I was even thinking of cheating and googling but I wouldn't know what to search for anyway.


Is it actually in the town centre or should we be thinking towards Latchford direction?


Come on brain 'THINK' FGS ....smiley-excited001.gif


It was pretty close to the town centre.

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