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ticket prices at men arena


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My wife said she would not mind going tosee George Michael at MEN arena in december. On checking ticket prices iwas amazed tosee how much they wanted ranging fron £95 -£ 2000. how can you justify those prices for someone in my opinion has passed his sell by date? No doubt all you females wikll beg to differ as my sisters have done

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Because there are several ar******s out there who have no intention of going to the show but to buy the tickets at face value then try to make a huge profit of the die hard fans. It’s been going on for years and was recently highlighted on Watchdog.


In my opinion, no show is worth paying £2000 for but people do and they feed this kind extortion.

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Madness and what on earth do you get for a £2K ticket ! You could go on a two week cruize for less than that.


Nabber you can still buy them from the MEN arena website priced £51 - £91 (still too much for him IMO too though :wink:




Not many seats left for the Monday because of reasons Wireboy has already given I guess.. more abailable for the Tuesday though.


I take it you wont be going along to watch him with your wife then but if you don't hurry up and buy her a ticket she may hold it over you forever :lol:

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