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Slow internet access


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Is anyone else having access issues when viewing warrington-worldwide main news pages and/or forum.

Seem to be having a nightmare logging on from office, yet can access wide variety of other sites.

This problem seems to have been getting worse gradually over the past few weeks.

it also seems to get worse as day progresses.I know the internet gets gradually slower as the day progresses but not a standstill!

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Struggling to decide if it is

1. Internet connection issue

2. External server issue

3. Internal server issue.


ISP says connection is fine

Hosting company so they can access fine from work and home

IT company say our server is working fine.


Nightmare! :cry:

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I live in Westbrook.... we have crap internet speeds all the time.... we have crap councillors who don't put pressure on the likes of BT and Virgin to cable these areas before replicating cables that are already in place in the likes of Bewsey etc.


WBC must have some clout with the likes of Virgin, BT etc, because they have 10mb links to most of their properties all over the town.....


Come on councillors.... stop counting butterflies and picking up litter and do something useful!

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I've not been on Warr WW or the forum much today (although as my pc has been on and it looked like I probably was on here as I was still logged in)


However... whenever I have had a look at the forum or read the news today it's been ok form me too (despite me only having 10 meg Virgin broadband and a pc that's becoming old and wobbly :shock: )


Just clear your cache (browsing history, temp interenet files etc etc) delete all the crap, switch off, unplug, swear out loud and switch on and start again.... it always works for me Gary :lol:

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Dizzy.... the "clear your cache" and "restart" are all advice given by 2nd rate it experts who really don't have a clue as to the real problem.


Cache is there to save webpages to ensure they load quicker so clearing the cache means you have to download the whole page again!!

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Cast your mind back a couple of years and that’s exactly what I was reporting, Worldwide was almost crawling while other sites seemed perfectly normal. At that time I took a lot of abuse and was accused of “messing about” because everyone else saw no problems and so assumed it must be me or my equipment. And if your memory is any good, you’d recall that I established that several other sites, all hosted by your network provider, were also crawling but again, other people including them, could not see the problem.


I think it turned out to be some kind of obscure routing issue within the CD building that was affecting a range of IP addresses.



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Well it was !!


The news page is taking about 20 seconds to open news stories for me. (I've only just come back on but Warr WW was already open in a browser window as I hadn't closed it down.)


I just see a white screen with the Warrington Worldwide Header at the top while it's thinking about it. Ooooh Bills white screens :unsure:


Forum is ok though

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