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Easy Peasy - Name that Street.


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Yes that's it! Lyme Street.

No not Lyme Street, that is the street that ran from Horsemarket Street to this street, when I was a young man I used to attend AEU Union meetings in a pub in this street called "The Cattle Market"

Bill is correct in that it did run down one side of the Market, so, we still require the name of the street!. doesn't really need a great deal of imagination, so come on arty beat the ladies to it.

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I was waiting for him too but maybe 'Mrs Algy' wont let him on :unsure:


Hello 'Mrs Algy' :D If you are reading can you tell us instead please cos he said you know his password and are used to me (not quite sure how to take that actually) :D


And 'Mrs Algy'.. you should join the forum as we need more girlies on here to show these blokes a thing or two :wink:

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Good Morning everyone!

Told you before, not very often you will find me on here after 2300hrs, "Early to bed, Early to rise".

Yes! it is Market Street.

No! Mrs algy won't be joining this forum, let it be known I am master in my own home, Oh my God! I hope she doesn't see this.:blink: :blink: :blink:

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