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An alternative to Algy's quiz, which I stink at !! In the summer of 1959, I was lying on a Warrington Infirmary bed, covered with crisp white sheets, encased in plaster, recovering from a motorcycle escapade and listening to the crappy hospital radio on ear phones. Sorry, it was the reception that was bad, not the people running it. Two American tunes were the most popular at the time, what were they?

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I was 19 an indentured apprentice earning £7 a week had a Tony Curtis hair cut, drain pipe trousers, finger tip length jacket and suede shoes and thought I was the "real thing" even typing this the memory embarrasses me :oops:. I was courting the girl who became my wife and still is, "courting" there's a word you don't hear any more!. I didn't earn enough money to own a car and never thought I ever would, I remember trying to save enough to buy a banger from a scrapyard that was behind the Kingsway Hotel but soon gave up as I never seemed to accumulate any money not like some of my mates who were earning good brass at firms such as Electro Hydraulics, Rubery Owens and Hanson & Edwards, into any music and artist on the Rock scene of the day,

As Harry always signs off "Happy Days" (credit & respect to Harry).

Anyone remember the name of the scrapyard, seem to think it began with Mac- or Mac-.

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