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Where's Indy and did he find this ?


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I bet Indy wishes he had found this... or maybe he did which is why he's rarely been on here lately ... has he been in Worcester with his wellies, dog and trusted beeper ? :unsure::D



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He still doesn't seem to have been given a break to read the forum news or reply. Poor Indy... shackled, overworked but probably highly paid by Gary so can't have it all ways I suppose :wink::lol:


Maybe it's was just his summer job until the farmers started ploughing and he's been delayed or perhaps he was waiting for the ground soften in the rain. Big freeze coming up so don't hang about there too long Indy or you might miss your chance of a biggie :wink:


Let him go Gary as he'll have to be back in November to film the snow for you for the third year running :D

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