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Where is this passage and name it!.


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I need a clue. Those two corner shops either side of the entry are ringing a bell in my mind like I should know where it is but I just can't rememeber and it's doing my head in! :angry:

Sorry Cleo! I missed your reply with some of the Lord Rodney coming in, A clue you say, there is another street in Warrington incorporating the same name, perhaps this chap set some sort of a pattern you may here. :wink:

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Ahhh....that makes me think Wilson Patten Street. But I dont think it's around there.


Isn't there a little Pattern Street/Road off Bridge Street somewhere around where the back passage near to Woollies was?


Looking straight on there appears to be a shop with a large window before the next passage so I would suspect the road left to right was a main 'shopping' type area.


I have no idea though really and even if I'm in the right area I've have no idea at all what they might have been called.


I'm not very good at this am I... over to you Cleo I think :wink:

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Dizz, you have the correct man/name, I think I should give you this as you said Pattern and little street or road off Bridge street, it is Patten Lane, almost at the top of Bridge street on the left hand side (going up). there used to be the Army and Navy Stores on the corner and the passageway took you through to the back of Woolworths. The other entry viewed in the photo is Dolman's Lane called after the Doleman who resided in a half timber house in this lane about 1750, his duty was to distribute alms or Dole money at funerals to grieving close relatives at funerals. I'm not telling what else was down Patten lane, that will come much later. :wink:

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Gobsmacked :shock:


Interesting about Dolmans Lane and how it got it's name etc. One of my ancestors lived there in the 1830's. I didn't realise it was quite where you say.


What's the date of your pic Algy (obviously not 1830's) but just wondered.

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