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Prince William?


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I think that they are worth more to the country than they actually cost in cash net terms. You however appear to have quite an inferiority complex, as well as a massive chip stuck firmly on your shoulder. As I said earlier to take cheap shots at serving members of the armed forces and those who have served with distinction is pathetic.

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Harry was not a subject of a PR stunt until the story was broken on the internet, in fact it was kept secret. He was at times on the front line, like everyone he was rotated in and out. As for his brother well yes he is the heir, and he can't serve on the front line. There are plenty of armed service personnel who have served their country and never been in a war zone.

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Is it their fault? I do think that you should be applauding them for actually doing something, rather than taking the easy option.


I suppose their uncle wasn't really flying helicopters in the Falklands either.


They didn't ask to be born royal. Thanks to their Mother, they seem to have a more balanced view of life and behave quite normally.

They should be left alone and be allowed to lead a normal life whilst they are still young.

At least they are not on the dole, or pulling sickies!!!

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