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Follow up songs

Rex Mac

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Okay, it's Friday and I'm feeling a little wayward. (At least that is my excuse for what is about to follow.)


I was driving to work this morning and on the radio I heard the Lenny Kravitz song "I want to get away." My mind started to wander and I also remebered his earlier hit "Are you gonna go my way?"


Now, does anybody know if he ever got away or whether he found anybody who was going to go his way? I can say with absolute certainty that I didn't receive a post card from him so I don't even know whether or not he made it to his destination let alone did he ever come back.


So, based on the two hits named above what do you think his follow up song should have been? My money is on "Day trip to Bangor."


Can anyone else suggest suitable follow up songs for other artistes?

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"why does it always rain on me" is a lyric that begs an answer such as "because you only go out when its raining"


But as a follow up "under my umbrella" sounds appropriate.:twisted:


As a sort of similar thing to my first line off the post. Always remember somebody starting to sing stormy weather whilst wandering down a street. "don't know why there's no sun up in the sky" at which point a light comes on in a window up goes the window and an irate voice shouts out "because it.s four o clock in the morning you idiot".


stormy weather would be good follow up to any of the above two as well.

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