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Grappenhall Village Old Postcards


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Some old postcards from showing Grappenhall Village - postmarked and sent early 1900's. A bit hard to read on here so I have typed out the messages. Words in [ ] are ones I couldn't read.


Note the dates shown as that of the postal mark




reads as


4 Nov 1910


Addressed to


Master Georgie R Edwards


?? Park

North Finchley



My Dear [little?] Georgie


I thought you would like another view of another one of the pretty villages about here.

Mama has been to the one on this card with me. It is the village in which Mr Parr the banker lives. Mama has seen his big house. I am off to Southport directly.

Much love from your affectionate







Dated 31 Dec 1912


Addressed to


Miss B [bratt/Pratt?]

Southsee Villa

Woodhurst Road




Thanks very much for your Christmas card. We have not [sent any out?] this year and of course you would have had one. Wishing you a Bright and Happy new years.

From R & E Walsh







Dated 29 Apr 1921


Addressed to


Mr & Mrs [speller?]

35 [??wood ?]

[briscton?] Hill

London SW


Dear Mam and Dad

Glad to say Jack is feeling better. [bas??] rather quiet but he has had a good day today

Jack as well. For the last fortnight has [??] rotten.

Babe has on of her four double teeth through.

[The?/Tho?] is very saucy and just enjoying life.

Spent last evening with friends and Jack had a good sing.

[Howe?/Have?] [?] [?] [?] with different people.

Have you enough coal?

With love to you all Jess






Dated Feb 09


Addressed to


Mrs Warburton

55 Holmbrook Rd



Dear Emilie


Am exceedingly glad you are going to be present on Saturday. I will see you at the room I suppose. I expect to get to Preston at about 1 or half past but am going to see an aunt + uncle bfore going [ow?]. Do not make too many engagements with other young ladies as I should like a long talk with you. Am not staying for the dance.

Yours A[?]

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