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Digital switch-over ?


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I think i'm right in saying obs that you have to have a digital receiver to pick up any stations at all. You can by a set top box from pretty much anywhere with prices starting from around ?30. If you have a big posh tv however, it will probably already have digital built in and therefore you won't be affected. Hope that's cleared it a bit for you :)

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Not sure what you mean Jay C, but if you have sky or cable or virgin media, you won't have to worry unless you decide to cancel your subsription. Where I think most people will be affected is if they have a tv in their bedroom, because they will have to buy a digital set top box for each one they have in their house for it to work. It's also worth noting that at the moment, the digital receivers don't have that good signal strength if you use a portal aerial. If you connect it the outdoor main aerial through the wall then it usually works fine.

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I am not sure you are entirely correct for example my set top box will need swapping out as it cannot handle the bandwidth requirements associated with HD downloads which are at MPEG 4 standard, so like me many people may well have the digital telly etc but they may become unstuck with cable modem or set top box.



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Not sure Obs...


I'm sure you will still be able to play the old stuff back through your new digi TV but wont be able to record the new digital stuff unless you have a newer recorder with the 'digital' tick.


Better still stick to your PC cos TV's naff anyway :D:wink:

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Just checked it out....


With your TV already converted, existing analogue recorders (VCRs and analogue DVD recorders) will continue to work after switchover. They will play back tapes as before, but will not be able to record one digital channel while you are watching another. If you are buying a new DVD recorder, look for the digital tick logo to ensure it will work after switchover.
Doesn't explain why my dads wont record freeview :confused:


Anyway all info re the switchover is here at


Digital UK Homepage

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