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Clergy Daughters School? / Training College? / Technical College? and Bewsey Hall


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I 'came across' these old pics today. They say Warrington so I presume they mean OUR Warrington and not another one.


One is titled 'Clergy Daughters School', one is titled 'Warrington Technical College', one is titled 'Training College Warrington'.


My eyes say this bottom two are definately the same building regardless of 'title' but is the 'Chergy Daughters School the same building too? If it was and if it was in OUR Warrington where was it ? Was it split into different parts and what became of it and when?


I always thought the 'Technical College' was over near the museum and this just looks far too big and not the same at all.


I will move this topic to the 'photos of Warrington section' once I am sure they really are 'ours' and I'm not being stupid :unsure:


Clergy Daughter's School, Warrington



Warrington Training College



Warrington Technical College (sorry this has come out really small so you can't read the writing)



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There's a reference to it here, bottom left:




Is it the same building?


Thanks Fugs :D I didn't spot that when I googled :oops:


You learn something new everyday eh and seems the technical college was not where I have always thought it was at all then. DURH. Wouldn't mind but I have actually read that leaflet a few months ago too but it obviously didn't all sink in DOUBLE DURH :oops:


Taken from the the link above that (Fugs) posted, and I hope they dont mind me doing this. Thanks go to 'Farifield and Howley Heritage Trail' people too of course :D


The ornate gothic turrets of the Clergy Daughters School and

Warrington Training College were once a well-known landmark beside

the Parish Church.


St Katherine’s Chapel, which is now one of our local

community centres, was constructed in 1887, but a fire destroyed the

main part of the building in the early hours on 28th December 1923.


The remaining sections were given to the council, who decided not to

maintain the building and sold it for scrap within the year.

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Try this link, Dizzy, possibly helpful! Seems to be St Elphin's that possibly had these schools.




Thanks SL :D


I don't seem to be able to open that though as it gives me the title page then keeps throwing up a network error or just freezing so I don't get to read anything else :(


Might be my pc so I will try again later. I'm keen to read that though as a lot of my ancestors seem to have been from the St Elphin's ecclesiastical area around that time so who knows maybe they even went there (not that I will ever know of course as I can't ask them now)


This forum is great at times :D

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The remaining sections were given to the council, who decided not to

maintain the building and sold it for scrap within the year.


I see our past councillors were no different to the bunch of sacriligious muppets we have now then! :D

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My pc is a bit happier today and I've just had a quick read it SL. Fascinating and I'll read it in more depth later.


Obviously none of my ancestors went there as at first it was a school for the widows and adult orphans of the Clergy of warrington. I guess the name of the school sort of gave that away really eh? They then started to teach the younger children of the daughters etc but I think they still had to be related to the clergy.


Seems once Warrington became more industrial towards the 1900's they decided that the existing building was not suitable for a residential school... too much smoke and not enough green space anymore... so in 1904 they uprooted and move to other premises ie Darley Dale Hydro near Matlock.


Seems a shame really after all those years. The one near St Elphins certainly looked a magnificent building and cost them a fortune. What a shame it didn't survive.

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