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Nearly fatal speed trap


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:shock: Ooooh should I really be laughing as that is pretty scarey. :unsure::lol:


I wonder what would have happened to the pilot if he had just 'ignored' and not overridden thus allowing it to let rip. I guess if he had been English Pilot and was flying over Wales he may have been tempted :wink:


I recon the RAF were just winding the police up because of their complaint. 'Hostile Radar Equipment' .. YEP that's about right :lol:

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Couple of things.


Sidewinder is an air-to-air missile which homes in on hot targets such as jet aircraft exhausts. It has no anti-radar capability at all.


No missiles on ANY combat aircraft can "lock-on" without the pilot telling the computers that he wants to select a specific target. This is to avoid both international incidents when in the same bit of sky as aircraft from other countries (locking a radar on to an aircraft is seen as an immediate precursor to opening fire - and is considered to be an act of war).


The same goes for radar jammers, they only respond to radar emitters which the pilot (or in the case of Tornado, the back seat navigator) identifies as a direct threat and commands action against. This is to avoid giving away the jets position unnecessarily by beaming jamming signals out willy-nilly.


The Dutch airforce has never had any Tornados.


Other than that, an amusing story.

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