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Shakespeare insult kit


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Did anyone see the Roy Dotrice one man stage production where he played someone like Pepys? They showed it on tv one night (1950 something), he sat on a chair in the middle of the stage and gave a two hour comic performance using all of those words - hilarious. Talking of betting, I bet I'm the only one who saw it.

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Not wishing to steal Asp's thunder, but can't resist adding to his list, I do hope there are no bad words here as I haven't checked all of them. :wink:


300 Curses

Thou surly base-court jack-a-nape!

Thou hideous shag-eared gull-catcher!

Thou unmuzzled earth-vexing malignancy!

Thou jarring mad-bread manikin!

Thou errant weather-bitten mammet!

Thou prating full-gorged clack-dish!

Thou vain hasty-witted hugger-mugger!

Thou pernicious idle-headed scantling!

Thou grizzled earth-vexing cutpurse!

Thou vacant onion-eyed foot-licker!

Thou droning hasty-witted strumpet!

Thou sottish flap-mouthed manikin!

Thou frothy weather-bitten clack-dish!

Thou beslubbering pale-hearted baggage!

Thou hideous beef-witted vassal!

Thou queasy toad-spotted lewdster!

Thou puny fool-born rampallion!

Thou bootless spur-galled barnacle!

Thou greasy base-court harpy!

Thou craven bunched-backed canker-blossom!

Thou quailing lily-livered barnacle!

Thou weedy shard-borne horn-beast!

Thou pernicious onion-eyed bugbear!

Thou haughty dismal-dreaming whipster!

Thou warped full-gorged egg-shell!

Thou queasy hell-hated flax-wench!

Thou loggerheaded tickle-brained rudesby!

Thou dankish onion-eyed apple-john!

Thou warped milk-livered bum-bailey!

Thou purpled weather-bitten gull-catcher!

Thou mangled spur-galled minnow!

Thou puking pale-hearted malt-worm!

Thou fawning onion-eyed pigeon-egg!

Thou errant iron-witted waterfly!

Thou vacant full-gorged coxcomb!

Thou pernicious guts-griping flax-wench!

Thou mangled onion-eyed barnacle!

Thou villainous heavy-handed measle!

Thou mangled dread-bolted pumpion!

Thou whoreson sheep-biting hempseed!

Thou greasy onion-eyed horn-beast!

Thou roguish ill-breeding codpiece!

Thou reeky raw-boned rudesby!

Thou sottish tardy-gaited hedge-pig!

Thou vain dog-hearted gudgeon!

Thou yeasty shrill-gorged whipster!

Thou surly swag-bellied death-token!

Thou yeasty weak-hinged nut-hook!

Thou wayward dizzy-eyed flap-dragon!

Thou lewd sheep-biting rabbit-sucker!

Thou vain weather-bitten snipe!

Thou bawdy pottle-deep fustilarian!

Thou weedy guts-griping vassal!

Thou lewd elf-skinned crutch!

Thou rank lily-livered malignancy!

Thou craven sheep-biting harpy!

Thou gleeking elf-skinned bugbear!

Thou bawdy milk-livered pignut!

Thou spleeny dizzy-eyed whipster!

Thou fitful ill-breeding hedge-pig!

Thou dissembling weak-hinged pumpion!

Thou purpled horn-mad coxcomb!

Thou mangled ill-composed moldwarp!

Thou cockered knotty-pated egg-shell!

Thou reeky dog-hearted pignut!

Thou vain dread-bolted flax-wench!

Thou saucy common-kissing clack-dish!

Thou brazen shard-borne malignancy!

Thou venomed earth-vexing flax-wench!

Thou whoreson swag-bellied malkin!

Thou whoreson shrill-gorged rabbit-sucker!

Thou whoreson reeling-ripe bum-bailey!

Thou peevish earth-vexing pantaloon!

Thou puking full-gorged miscreant!

Thou queasy pottle-deep baggage!

Thou tottering half-faced malt-worm!

Thou bootless clapper-clawed vassal!

Thou goatish dread-bolted ratsbane!

Thou bootless knotty-pated lewdster!

Thou churlish eye-offending pumpion!

Thou loggerheaded shard-borne coxcomb!

Thou lumpish clay-brained hedge-pig!

Thou puny bat-fowling remnant!

Thou fitful heavy-handed wagtail!

Thou jarring raw-boned scullion!

Thou bawdy tickle-brained bum-bailey!

Thou frothy elf-skinned maggot-pie!

Thou fitful mad-bread horn-beast!

Thou puking raw-boned pantaloon!

Thou puking lily-livered canker-blossom!

Thou knavish iron-witted vassal!

Thou lewd weather-bitten mammet!

Thou gnarling ill-breeding measle!

Thou pernicious paper-faced malignancy!

Thou errant milk-livered harpy!

Thou puking sour-faced rabbit-sucker!

Thou weedy bunched-backed skainsmate!

Thou weedy folly-fallen cutpurse!

Thou roguish iron-witted jolthead!

Thou greasy eye-offending harpy!

Thou mangled pox-marked codpiece!

Thou mammering onion-eyed fustilarian!

Thou purpled base-court hedge-pig!

Thou yeasty bat-fowling measle!

Thou whoreson base-court pantaloon!

Thou rank mad-bread clotpole!

Thou droning weather-bitten dogfish!

Thou peevish paper-faced waterfly!

Thou craven rude-growing egg-shell!

Thou tottering dread-bolted pigeon-egg!

Thou hideous bat-fowling pigeon-egg!

Thou goatish ill-breeding strumpet!

Thou bawdy hell-hated waterfly!

Thou dankish eye-offending haggard!

Thou currish guts-griping pignut!

Thou grizzled milk-livered waterfly!

Thou fitful pale-hearted mammet!

Thou dissembling dog-hearted horn-beast!

Thou weedy dog-hearted pumpion!

Thou wanton pottle-deep hempseed!

Thou grizzled shag-eared mumble-news!

Thou pernicious ill-composed rampallion!

Thou wayward tardy-gaited wagtail!

Thou roynish idle-headed ratsbane!

Thou rank hedge-born nut-hook!

Thou pribbling pale-hearted rampallion!

Thou droning rude-growing scut!

Thou froward raw-boned lewdster!

Thou mangled sour-faced ratsbane!

Thou infectious idle-headed whipster!

Thou impertinent muddy-mettled clotpole!

Thou spleeny earth-vexing haggard!

Thou spongy half-faced baggage!

Thou fawning lean-witted barnacle!

Thou churlish ill-composed whipster!

Thou queasy white-livered fustilarian!

Thou churlish full-gorged pigeon-egg!

Thou goatish sour-faced haggard!

Thou cockered beef-witted minnow!

Thou fobbing horn-mad haggard!

Thou wayward ill-nurtured hugger-mugger!

Thou wanton fool-born hempseed!

Thou infectious folly-fallen flax-wench!

Thou infectious dismal-dreaming egg-shell!

Thou surly hasty-witted canker-blossom!

Thou pernicious unchin-snouted gull-catcher!

Thou ruttish fool-born varlot!

Thou loggerheaded heavy-handed ratsbane!

Thou queasy fly-bitten fustilarian!

Thou roguish sheep-biting younker!

Thou infectious clapper-clawed younker!

Thou spongy plume-plucked manikin!

Thou roynish pottle-deep bugbear!

Thou clouted spur-galled giglet!

Thou droning shrill-gorged mumble-news!

Thou impertinent spur-galled canker-blossom!

Thou lumpish common-kissing jolthead!

Thou fobbing evil-eyed moldwarp!

Thou gorbellied lean-witted maggot-pie!

Thou jarring toad-spotted mammet!

Thou quailing weather-bitten bugbear!

Thou spongy shag-eared measle!

Thou distempered lean-witted hedge-pig!

Thou mammering iron-witted minnow!

Thou prating milk-livered skainsmate!

Thou peevish fat-kidneyed crutch!

Thou haughty motley-minded boar-pig!

Thou frothy iron-witted minnow!

Thou fitful hasty-witted maggot-pie!

Thou gleeking dizzy-eyed codpiece!

Thou yeasty crook-pated skainsmate!

Thou paunchy pale-hearted bum-bailey!

Thou dissembling pale-hearted codpiece!

Thou jarring guts-griping whipster!

Thou unmuzzled heavy-handed dogfish!

Thou spleeny ill-composed baggage!

Thou queasy sheep-biting waterfly!

Thou knavish fly-bitten clotpole!

Thou lumpish reeling-ripe bladder!

Thou knavish heavy-handed hugger-mugger!

Thou queasy hell-hated hedge-pig!

Thou churlish horn-mad cutpurse!

Thou gorbellied unchin-snouted ruffian!

Thou roguish weak-hinged miscreant!

Thou dankish evil-eyed flap-dragon!

Thou knavish tickle-brained hempseed!

Thou rank flap-mouthed foot-licker!

Thou roynish guts-griping manikin!

Thou churlish onion-eyed coxcomb!

Thou gorbellied fen-sucked hedge-pig!

Thou knavish lean-witted miscreant!

Thou pribbling weak-hinged snipe!

Thou beslubbering earth-vexing skainsmate!

Thou paunchy rough-hewn scantling!

Thou mewling folly-fallen apple-john!

Thou mewling rug-headed harpy!

Thou surly reeling-ripe boar-pig!

Thou gorbellied idle-headed flap-dragon!

Thou purpled fat-kidneyed flax-wench!

Thou infectious rude-growing measle!

Thou warped lean-witted moldwarp!

Thou spongy sour-faced gudgeon!

Thou venomed raw-boned scullion!

Thou goatish earth-vexing hedge-pig!

Thou spleeny raw-boned nut-hook!

Thou spleeny common-kissing clack-dish!

Thou dankish common-kissing vassal!

Thou lumpish knotty-pated clotpole!

Thou wanton shrill-gorged clotpole!

Thou wanton elf-skinned manikin!

Thou wanton earth-vexing death-token!

Thou gnarling idle-headed jolthead!

Thou greasy knotty-pated vassal!

Thou brazen evil-eyed foot-licker!

Thou wayward fen-sucked rabbit-sucker!

Thou greasy full-gorged malignancy!

Thou roynish ill-composed boar-pig!

Thou artless rump-fed moldwarp!

Thou grizzled fool-born codpiece!

Thou puking plume-plucked minnow!

Thou spleeny unchin-snouted canker-blossom!

Thou wanton sour-faced haggard!

Thou wenching rough-hewn hugger-mugger!

Thou reeky pinch-spotted boar-pig!

Thou goatish common-kissing codpiece!

Thou roynish muddy-mettled rampallion!

Thou paunchy muddy-mettled death-token!

Thou errant fly-bitten flap-dragon!

Thou spongy pinch-spotted codpiece!

Thou lewd weather-bitten lout!

Thou spongy dread-bolted nut-hook!

Thou unmuzzled clay-brained harpy!

Thou beslubbering knotty-pated flap-dragon!

Thou gorbellied rump-fed snipe!

Thou yeasty shard-borne clotpole!

Thou dissembling tickle-brained puttock!

Thou goatish pox-marked nut-hook!

Thou gorbellied paper-faced miscreant!

Thou venomed sheep-biting younker!

Thou jarring pale-hearted hugger-mugger!

Thou bawdy guts-griping younker!

Thou gleeking common-kissing lewdster!

Thou frothy evil-eyed minimus!

Thou villainous ill-composed scut!

Thou beslubbering dismal-dreaming malignancy!

Thou peevish pottle-deep varlot!

Thou pribbling beetle-headed foot-licker!

Thou tottering muddy-mettled rudesby!

Thou dissembling toad-spotted flax-wench!

Thou brazen shrill-gorged scantling!

Thou gnarling boil-brained crutch!

Thou spongy half-faced moldwarp!

Thou rank base-court skainsmate!

Thou waggish flap-mouthed barnacle!

Thou greasy flap-mouthed canker-blossom!

Thou haughty folly-fallen manikin!

Thou tottering hell-hated wagtail!

Thou beslubbering milk-livered strumpet!

Thou jarring pottle-deep foot-licker!

Thou gnarling white-livered varlot!

Thou jarring rough-hewn coxcomb!

Thou greasy milk-livered younker!

Thou beslubbering beetle-headed mammet!

Thou bawdy motley-minded rabbit-sucker!

Thou currish ill-nurtured miscreant!

Thou queasy hell-hated wagtail!

Thou impertinent weak-hinged scut!

Thou brazen rump-fed pigeon-egg!

Thou peevish ill-breeding varlot!

Thou bawdy lily-livered apple-john!

Thou brazen iron-witted whipster!

Thou lewd clapper-clawed foot-licker!

Thou gnarling guts-griping measle!

Thou surly bunched-backed boar-pig!

Thou mangled rough-hewn mammet!

Thou ruttish sheep-biting bum-bailey!

Thou jarring fen-sucked minnow!

Thou quailing flap-mouthed waterfly!

Thou villainous flap-mouthed waterfly!

Thou mangled crook-pated pumpion!

Thou vacant reeling-ripe puttock!

Thou vain idle-headed whipster!

Thou warped iron-witted hedge-pig!

Thou ruttish earth-vexing lout!

Thou wenching shard-borne haggard!

Thou reeky hell-hated cutpurse!

Thou ruttish clay-brained apple-john!

Thou wenching rude-growing gull-catcher!

Thou paunchy muddy-mettled dewberry!

Thou gnarling crook-pated puttock!

Thou queasy swag-bellied whipster!

Thou mammering boil-brained clack-dish!

Thou yeasty lily-livered clotpole!

Thou roguish fool-born minimus!

Thou distempered lily-livered horn-beast!

Thou sottish half-faced scullion!

Thou roynish mad-bread rampallion!

Thou venomed motley-minded whey-face!

Thou vain rude-growing snipe!

Thou wayward paper-faced minimus!

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