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Town Centre Parking Consultation Survey (online)


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As reported on yesterday's news page WBC have launched a major review of car parking provision in the town centre. They are keen to hear from people who regularly park there and are currently inviting people to take part in a consultation survey. I commeted that it would be better if there was an online form to fill in rather than for people to have to go to libraries etc as the news report said to which WBCouncil replied giving a link to the online version which does exist (link below).


from yesterday's news


"PEOPLE who park in Warrington for work, leisure or residential purposes are being invited to take part in a survey.


Warrington Borough Council has launched a major review of car parking provision in the town centre and is keen to hear from people who regularly park there.


Cllr Linda Dirir, the council's executive member for highways, transportation and climate change, said: "We recognise that getting our parking provision right is essential to the success of the town, which is why we want to hear as many views as possible to help us do this successfully."


The consultation runs until Friday October 28.


Copies of the survey can be picked up from the Contact Centre, Horsemarket Street, in any library or leisure centre. Paper copies are also available by calling 01925 443243



Here is the link to the online version. Second one down is the 'Parking Consultation' and click the 'here' tab to acess the survey.



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Yes you do. If you leave them blank it won't let you go on to the next page.


The one question I did notice which was very noticeable by its absence was anything along the lines of "would you use the town centre more if parking were CHEAPER?".


Obviously when WBC say that "all options are being considered", they don't relly mean ALL at all.

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