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What would you do with Tevez?


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I Honestly wouldn't even want him at Warrington Town... (If you are thinking that I say that because I support United, I wouldn't mind Carragher, Dzeko, Ferdinand or Gerrard)


Our team doesn't seem to have good on the pitch chemistry (Swearing at each other all the time...) but get on well off the pitch (Half time Heads-and-volleys against Camell Lairds in the cup, for example), and that idiot would just mess us up.


I know that wasn't a serious suggestion, by the way...


I'd sack him. Not release, Sack. If any of you decided to do no work tomorrow, you would be sacked without getting the rest of your wages paid off. City are in the same situation with Tevez, just sack him. Releasing him gives him 4 years worth of £250k a week, which he doesn't deserve...

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