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Myleene Klass


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Myleene Klass admitted that she stole a toilet roll from the pope's summer retreat and gave sheets of it as christmas presents.

I'm afraid if someone gave me a sheet of toilet paper as a christmas gift I would tell them go wipe their arse on it! :angry:


So, on the subject of christmad gifts, what is the worse present you ever received?

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Worst present I've ever received? Can't think of any off the top of my head as I usally have to tell people what I would like although I've had my fair share of horrible smelling toiletries and notelets with envelopes over the years.


As kids though we always used to go and visit my mums aunt on Christmas day and every year it was the same. She'd get a rummage in her cupboard, pull out a block of chocolate which had probably been in there for ages and hand it over to the three of us as a christmas present to share.


It wasn't really a bad present and it always made us giggle and still does to this day :lol:

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