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wrong again


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WARRINGTON'S Golden Square multi-storey car park will be temporarily closed later this month to allow work to start on improving access from Midland Way.

Due to start before the end of the month and end in mid-November, the works will see the widening of the access ramp, changes to the traffic signal layout and carriageway resurfacing


Yet again more disruption because the people in charge get it wrong.

How many times do we see so called evaluated schemes with computer generated design and wonder whizz kids brains used to "design" some traffic related scheme have to be revisited because the genius behind the original got it wrong?


How often do we see re engineering taking place because the process of introducing such schemes is left to the so called experts and the councillors in Warrington do nothing. The so called traffic committee is one such example of uselessness, as it leaves all traffic concerns to the wonderbrains in the traffic mismanagement department.


As examples, ASDA traffic lights, Cromwell Avenue, various road narrowing causing danger to traffic, A49 tailbacks being non-managed, 20 mph totally unenforceable yet costing a fortune,congestion at most traffic lights unnecessarily due to poor controls, waste of money for cycle paths whilst roads continue to fall apart etc., .


Perhaps some management of the employees in the council is needed?


Perhaps some better planning is needed?

Perhaps some people are not up to the standard of performance required?

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Agreed. The golden square car park is only a few years old so it's not like it was built 30 years ago and they didn't anticipate the amount of traffic in 2011. That is the usual excuse.


The traffic management department seems to be a bunch of screw ups that keep getting it wrong. They are all a bunch of jobsworths that sit in an office thinking of things to do and disrupt to try and justify there jobs. IMO. :P

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It was obvious from day one that the entrance/exit to the car park was poorly designed and would cause some problems especially at busy times like Christmas.


I suppose we should be thankful that they are doing something about it at last but like you say it should have been addressed at the planning/building stage not years down the line. :roll:


I wonder where everyone is expected to park though as they say there are plenty of alternatives but I can never find anywhere else to park in Warrington :unsure:


I also wonder what all the traders in the Golden Square think about the car park closure and whether it will affect their business. I'm sure it will unless the council put on free or reduced fare busses into town :wink:

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Perhaps the money was included because they expected faults?

I don't believe the changes will be paid for from this source, it is just another fob-off . Copying the liebor politicians


Why was the need for change not processed via the traffic committee?


Because the traffic committee is a waste of time?

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