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They are everywhere....


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By 'they' I mean those horrid fat spiders that make their webs outside.


If that’s not bad enough we also seem to be having an army of indoor ones appearing too now the temperature is getting colder. They seem to be taking residence in all rooms and no sooner is one removed but another appears.


We’ve had the usual ones stuck in the bath and one who 'sadly' drowned in an inch of water in the bowl in the kitchen sink. I'm sure I emptied that though so was it turning the tap on and off as it slipped ? It certainly looked big enough to have managed that.


Anyway going back to those horrid outdoor fat ugly brown mottled ones....


Twice today they have got me. One had built a web down to the black wheelie bin. I wouldn't mind but I’d only put the bin there a couple of hours before. How did it build it so fast and was that just the start? spider-smiley.gif


If I had left if a few more hours would the web have been so big that I would have been trapped. I was brave (as of course putting certain items in the blue bin is not allowed) so I used my broom handle to gently divert the web elsewhere. Tarzan sort of sprung to mind at that point but the 'ugly brown fat mottled one' gracefully swung down towards the conifer without a care in the world. I wonder where he will have built a new one now... no doubt right back where I removed it from like they keep doing.


To make matters worse I sat down and only then did I realise that it’s partner in crime had built one from my hanging basket to my chair and I swear it was staring at me and laughing as I jumped up in shock. That's the chair where I sit to have my antisocial moment or my relaxing cup of decaf tea. Did it know that ?


An if that was not bad enough a weird little evil looking eight legged beast had built a trap from the back door to the neighbours boundary wall. How can a spider build a web that is half a mile long. Ok so I am lying the wall is only 4 foot from our back door bit it was right at eye level and the 'thing' hit me in the face. It was a creepy looking and was a light mustardy beige colour with long slender but sturdy pointed legs and not one that is usually native to my back yard.


I really hate this time of the year and I’m on pins all the time now. I certainly wont be venturing outside to the bin in the dark without suitable safety precautions. I shall wave my mop frantically in front of me to make the way clear and I may even light my weed ‘flame throwing’ gun just incase.


Bloody hell just spotted another one on the living room wall and the dogs staring at it with her ears back and a worried look on her face. I wonder if she just chased it there or is just sitting on guard in case it comes down.


Ooooh the stress... and why are so many all of a sudden ?




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It is the same at my house. One spider makes a web where my kitchen ends and my garage begins. (about 4 ft)It is always at my face level and when I am at home I always get a face full and the next day the web is there again. I never learn and never remember to duck when going out the back door and that spider must hate me for I keep forever destroying his web.


Must be great for catching flies though as the spider always rebuilds.


I personally don't fear spiders. Like Gary said they keep the fly population down.


The other half and children though are a different matter. They have nightmares about spiders and I live in a 1930's house with floor boards and a 2 ft basement underneath. Ideal for spiders who have decided to become our pets. :P

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OMG that is not helping in the slightes Wireboy :lol: We have a 2 foot void under our living/dining room floors and airbricks outside (1910 (ish) house) too.


We've got carpet down but there must be hundreds under there. As for upstairs well I ripped the carpet up in the spare room and that's just floorboards with gaps EEK !!! And then there's a gap around our loft hatch in the bedroom.. where I sleep.. so now I wont sleep :blink:


Try as I might I'm finding it extremely hard to love, embrace and cherish these beasts though Gary and I think I would prefer flies as I could swat those. Strangely enough despite not liking spiddies I've never intentionally killed one. YET !


I've just been out and 'Tarzan' the blighter is back in acion just building another web and less than a foot away is 'Great Uncle Biggie'. I video'd the uncle with my camera for some bizarre reason so here he is.


Very wobbly and blurry at first but gets clearer... not nice being that close to a meat eating monster.


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Those a tiny compared to the one that has taken up residence behind my fire-grate. Puts me in mind of the scuttling things from alien :unsure:


Load of webs around my motorbike, makes it look as if it has been stood in the yard for twenty years and I only cleaned it yesterday. <_<


Did find one web one morning that stretched from my extension roof across the yard at a slight angle to the nextdoor neighbours extension roof. would not have been too surprised to find the odd bird trapped in it it was that big. Never did see the spider that span it, but then again probably a good thing. :shock:


Not over keen on them but then again would not go out of my way to harm one.

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Just be careful if you use your motorbile Evils as they may crawl up from under you seat and cling to your nether regions to stay safe on the journey :lol:


There's been two attacking my car for over a month now. One builds a web near the recessed handle on my boot. Little sod !!!


I move the web and it then reappears neatly spun in the same place but I've never yet seen the spider. Another one build across my drivers wing mirror but I have seen that one and it's only tiny so that's ok. I've ever managed to catch it though as it runs between the glass and the casing when it sees me. It often pops out for a few seconds when I'm driving along so I guess it's drying its hair or something.


The jet wash never seems to get rid of them so they must be a little toughies.


I don't actually mind small spiders or ones that are not invading my own space, and in all fairness to the "horrid outdoor fat ugly brown mottled ones" at least they seem to be staying in their own space outside and never come inside (thank god).


I guess if I draw a detailed plan of where they all are outside and monitor the situation closely looking out for any others then we should all be fine and learn to live in harmony with each other. Theres another deep freeze and snow on the way again in a month apparently so they probably haven't got that long to live anyway :? Yeah I feel a bit sorry for them now.


House spiders... well they are just another story and I will never accept those as my 'friends' or lurking and preying in my home :huh:

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One teatime last week came home from work to find a note in the bathroom from my 20+ year old son "Mum there's a MASSIVE spider in the bath under the plastic beaker"! He'd gone to work and hubby was working really late so I just had to limit my use of the bathroom that night!! Later I asked him why he didn't get rid and his reply "it was MASSIVE - no way!! :)

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:lol::lol: Glad to hear I am not the only one.


My brave teenager and the other man of the house just told me about the giant one they 'removed' from near the front door last night.


Apparently the pint sized glass only just fit over it but thankfully it seemed a bit scared and pulled it's legs in a bit.


Now do I believe them..... I'm trying my best NOT to but they both swear blind they are telling the truth. Yeah right :unsure::lol::unsure:

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Cheers to you too Lt K !!


My Aunt and Uncle emigrated back over here from Australia last winter. They are British Nationals before anyone starts whinging :P


They told us about all the funnel/tunnel/red back web spiders and other creepies they had over there but they said as long as you checked your shoes, toilet seats, garden chairs and everywhere else before hand you were ok. It was 'no big deal'.


NO BIG DEAL....flippin' heck can you immagine what I would be like over there :shock::oops:


They used to get their home fumigated every year to hopefully keep the critters and other nasties like cocroaches out too. God forbid !


Just as a matter of interest... when people come into this country and ship all their belongings over in cardboard boxes and containers are they all fumigated ?


Only reason I ask is that we have stuff stored in our loft in boxes (the loft which I mentioned earlier has access via our bedroom and has gaps around the loft hatch).... and yes quite a lot is stored in their boxes and we have a few flat packed waiting to be used behind the shelves in the spare room. It seemed like a good idea at the time as they were too sturdy and good to be thrown away so we had them :shock:


Would foreign spider eggs survive and if so I guess they would have hatched now BLOODY HELL !!

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Evils... your neighbours must be bonkers although I remember a bloke going into the Stocks Pub at Padgate years ago with his pet tarantula.


Scared the living daylights out of my other half who used to suffer from severe arachnophobia and I remember him doing a runner much to the amusement of everyone (anyway I'm not allowed to mention his past fear of spiders or the other embarrassing moments in his life with spider encounters as I always start to laugh.. long story )


Anyway the blokes tarantula was really calm and slow as it walked from his hand, up his chest and rested on his shoulder. Sort of captivating and nice in a weird way and certainly nowhere near as scary as a house spider due to it's relaxed and chilled out nature.


But then he said it was only like that as it had just been fed (or was it that it needed feeding I can't remember)... apparently it could get very lively and fast and occasionally nip if handled at the wrong moment but it was only like being stung by a bee :shock:


We knew another chap who's younger brother had what they called a bird eating spider (I think that was a type of tarantula) and he used to love to take it out for a wander in the garden especially when his elder brothers girlfriend was sunbating and visiting. :lol:


Thankfully we never got to see it as we always declined the offer and met them elsewhere but I'm sure it wasn't as big as it sounded.


Give me a mouse anyday... now they are cute :D

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Don't wish to frighten you Dizzy but it isn't unknown for a big hairy spider to illegally enter the country by concealing itself in cargo, usually crates of bananas. :lol:


Ah I remember hearing about that from my mum.


My grandparents owned a fruit and veg type shop over at Orford many years ago and before my time but my mum and my uncle used to talk about their dad unpacking the crates of bananas in the shop when they were young and how they had to stay away from them just incase.


When we were kids we were told by mum never eat the tops or bottoms of bananas either as it was something to do with the fact the spiders may have deposited their venom or eggs in them... can't remember exactly why but even to this day I always remove the top after peeling and never eat the bottom bit.


Probably nothing to do with what we think we were told but one of those things that stays in your mind for some reason but you can't quite remember 'why' so you still do it.

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Heres' one of those weird ones I mentioned. It was hanging off my washing line and looked dead, no movement and sort of splayed out.


I took the picture (not very good) and then it spun round and raised its legs further as if it was about to pounce. Horribe little thing.


I wonder if this is the same sort that bit my other half last year when he got his tee-shirt off the washing line and put it straight on. OUCH !



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