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Question Time in Russia

Geoffrey Settle

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Sergei Polonsky, himself a one-time billionaire who lost part of his fortune during the economic crisis, goaded Lebedev on the pre-recorded show, announcing that he would rather punch someone than discuss financial issues with oligarchs.


"Do you want to try it out?" Polonsky said.


Within seconds Lebedev, who owns British newspapers including The Evening Standard and The Independent, jumped up and punched Polonsky three times in the face, throwing Polonsky off his metal stool and sliding alongside the stage



It's never like this when David Dimbleby is in the chair. :mrgreen: click on link for video.


My link

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It was said today on the radio that due to the fact that house prices are rising at such a degree in the posh bits of London (Apparently one house has just sold for £140 million).... that property in London will soon be out of the reach of most Russian oligarchs :D

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